Tips on how to survive in Germany from a current professional

This is the place for anyone who wants to get some insights on how to make your stay in Germany less stressful 

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Top Tip #1

Always plan in advance! Even if you don't like it, you'll have to keep a schedule, sorry 🙂

Top Tip #2

Always carry an umbrella! Rain can and will surprise you when you least expect it

Top Tip #3

Buy groceries on saturday! If you don't want to starve, don't leave your shopping for sundays

Some more tips for beginners

Public transport

Public transport is king here, and you’ll have to use it often. Thank goodness it’s actually pleasant 

Be on time

Always be on time, or early if you want to make a good impression


WiFi here is usually weak, public WiFi is nonexistent, and mobile data is much slower 


Always have cash on you or make a bank account that will issue a giro-card for you

Health insurance

Make your health insurance in Germany. Even though expensive, it covers a good amount of services


Make sure you are not completely alone, and always have a good support system until it gets easier 

Your chances of survival after following the tips

This is a joke of course, but I have always tried to make the most of my stay, even if I wasn’t happy with the challenges I was facing


more happiness


more punctuality


you are now 70% more german

Drink beer

Beer in Germany is really good, and it’s no lie they are proud of it with a reason. After all, even if you’ve had a bad day you can always enjoy a beer and forget about it!

Enjoy your stay

Germany is a magical place when you learn to love it, so just go with the flow and enjoy the stay! Especially around holidays, you’ll get to enjoy Germany’s charm

If you ever visit Bonn:
Enjoy the Botanical Garden
Admire the University
Sit at the Rhein Promenade