Let’s talk about foreigners vs Germans

Germans either hate or love foreigners, and there is no in-between. In my experience, most of them are so used to the millions of immigrants here, but some of them cannot come to terms with the fact that other nationalities are present in this country. I have been on both sides of the spectrum –

Supermarket checkout – Olympic discipline

Supermarkets in Germany are next level, especially when it comes to checking out. You must be mentally and physically prepared to get through this challenge whole and unharmed. Germany has to be the country with the fastest supermarket checkout in the world. People working at the cashier lose no time, sometimes it feels like they

Appointments, appointments, appointments

What you can do in Germany without appointment Nothing 40% Absolutely nothing 60% Something that really surprised me in Germany, even tho i had a slight idea of it, is that you need an appointment for everything. Appointments here are taken very seriously, would it be a doctor’s appointment, a visit to the museum, even

Recycling in Germany: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Good World leader in recycling The Bad World leader in judgemental stare The Ugly World leader in confusion First of all, let me just say that Germans take their recycling very seriously. It’s not just a suggestion, it’s practically a religion. When I first moved here I was really impressed by how this works

Sonntag ist Ruhetag!

Sunday Funday – taken seriously Germans appreciate their rest. So much so, that they even have a law stating what is forbidden on Sundays. Prior to my arrival in Germany, I knew there is such a thing, but I had no idea how serious it can be. I imagined that most major shops and supermarkets

Deutsche Bahn – better late than never

Germans are generally known for their punctuality. Always and everywhere, but with this one little exception – Deutsche Bahn. I bet there isn’t a single person in Germany who hasn’t experienced the infamous Deutsche Bahn delays. Using the German Railways is the only sure way to be fashionably late anywhere you go. I was very

Hello Germany, goodbye world!

It wasn’t a surprise for me that Germans are very honest and direct. However, some things in their way of communicating still surprise me to this day. For example, this last week, I have learned that the word „dispute“ has a much different meaning for the Germans than it does for me. A comical situation